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How to get to the peak of your own abilities?


Probably every Pole knows who Marek Kamiński is. When we hear that name, we see immeasurable icy wastelands, and somewhere there – a man, persistently heading to the pole. Marek Kamiński is, of course, an outstanding polar explorer and traveller. However, not everyone knows that experiencing extreme sports is deeply thought out, calculated and… managed. Marek Kamiński is a philosopher, a physicist and a certified management expert by education. Thanks to this, he is prepared to face the challenges that may befall him during extreme expeditions. Goal-setting and performance motivation – these are the features that are useful not only in the icy desert. They are also perfect in business, and even here Marek Kamiński records considerable success.

We will meet Marek Kamiński on the first day of #efglodzkie2022. Marek Kamiński gathered his experience and proven techniques into a methodology that he called – how else – “The Pole Method”. Athletes find it useful for achieving outstanding results and “civilians” discover performance that they never expected they had until now. The Pole method is holistic. It takes care of both physical health and fitness, but also mental resilience, which is crucial in business. It places great emphasis on reacting to change – just as a sunny day beyond the Arctic Circle can turn into a snowstorm in a matter of moments, business is largely governed by unpredictable events.


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