Business in the era
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14th - 16th December 2022
VH Andel’s Lodz

Dear Sirs,

For the 15th time, we are organising an international meeting in the centre of Poland to bring together entrepreneurs and experts from many areas of the economy - the European Economic Forum. It will be attended by distinguished guests, eminent speakers and representatives of the largest Polish companies backed up by state and private capital. We will discuss the most important topics that are of importance for today’s entrepreneurs. We will deal with innovativeness and competitiveness of companies from the SME group; acquisition of new sales markets, including foreign trade; new technologies; modern management and development of enterprises. Join us at the 15th European Economic Forum - Lodzkie 2022.

Grzegorz Schreiber
The Marshall of the Lodzkie Region

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Social economy

Social economy: we are all its beneficiaries

Social economy is a bridge between the private and public sectors. In brief: it is about actors who build civil society through their commercial activities. With the legal regulation of social economy operators, entrepreneurs who create such entities can realise their plans while at the same time contributing to the community.


How to be your best self?

Is it a matter of talent, luck or hard work? How to reach the heights of your capabilities? What does it take to succeed? Is talent on its own, with a little luck, enough? Or perhaps anything is possible with sufficent effort? How to be your best self?

Regional Development Fund for the Lodzkie Region as the Main Partner of #efglodzkie2022

Financing in the innovation era

The European Economic Forum is a place where entrepreneurs find inspiration. And where to look for funding? The answer is: Regional Development Fund for the Lodzkie Region. This year, RDFLR is the Main Partner of the Forum. For entrepreneurs, this means that from a business idea to financing there is just one step.


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