EEF 2021

European Economic Forum – Lodzkie 2021

27th-29th October 2021

2021. Forum was held in a hybrid format – combining traditional, onsite sessions with online streaming. The three-day conference programme consisted of thirty-four sessions with the participation of over 200 speakers and special guests from both Poland and abroad. An interesting agenda and excellent experts have made the Forum extremely popular. A particular value of the event is its flexible formula and the possibility to adapt the subject matter to current challenges faced by business. Therefore, during the 14th edition of the Forum, issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic of high importance to many branches, were raised, including the issue of education and human resources training for modern economy in the era of the pandemic. Panel session topics also included issues related to innovation, technology, and finance, i.e.: innovative qualifications, the future of the IT industry, crowdfunding, and funding from European or regional development funds. In addition, climate, green transport, and the financing of environmental projects were debated. The topics important for the Lodzkie Region were not omitted either, such as the impact of the Central Transport Port investment and the National Reconstruction Plan of the region. Much attention was paid to social policy, both in the context of the labour market, the employment of foreigners, as well as the senior economy and social business.

On the second day of the Forum, the Lodzkie Region Business Awards Gala, “Business PLUS,” was held, during which statuettes were presented to entities that had made a significant and lasting contribution to the modernisation and economic development of the Lodzkie Region. The Gala was accompanied by a MMC fashion show and an artistic performance by Anna Wyszkoni.

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