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16 – 17.10.2017

DAY I - 16 October (Monday)

13.00 – 14.00 NETWORKING
14.00 – 15.30 PANEL SESSIONS
Subject-Matter Partners Panel description: - The world today – a panorama countries and regions with the highest potential,
- Survival or growth? An opportunity or a pressure? Motivations behind international expansion,
- Open to the world – but is the world open to us? How are Polish investors treated in developing countries?
- Pro-investment policy of the state: as seen by the business and the administration,
- What could Polish companies operating globally do for Poland?

Moderator: Michał Kobosko – Head of the Polish office of Atlantic Council

Special Guest:Garcia Joet - Congressman representing the Bataan Region in the Philippine Parliament

Speakers:Agnieszka First – Vice President, Lodz Agency of Regional Development
Jan Kolański - CEO, Colian Holding S.A.
Jerzy Pietrucha - CEO, Pietrucha Group
Tomasz Pisula - President of the Board, Polish Investment & Trade Agency S.A.
Michał Styś - CEO, OPG Property Professionals
Subject-Matter Partners

Panel description: We believe that “it is worth being decent”, as professor Bartoszewski used to say. This the only right, while not always appreciated, way of succeeding and measuring one’s business position. Regrettably, institutions and people pursuing their own goals, sometimes make controversial decisions , not infrequently inconsistent with the principles of community life. While resulting in short-term rewards, in the long-term this approach is destructive to them and the business sector they represent. Such mistakes are worth being avoided and talked about. Let us discuss different aspects of business ethics: from those present in relations with business partners, clients as well as competitors, to corporate culture and the language of advertising.

Moderator: Juliusz Kaszyński – Journalist, reporter, producer, publisher and speaker, TVN24

Speakers:prof. Andrzej Blikle - Member of the European Academy of Sciences, honorary member and former president of the Polish Information Society
Jarosław Kuźniar - Journalist
dr Anna Midera - President of the Board, Lodz Airport
dr Robert Sroka - Manager, Ernst & Young, Department of Enterprise and Business Ethics Kozminski University in Warsaw
Subject-Matter Partners Panel description: Cybersecurity incidents cause serious losses to European business, as well as to the whole economy. Due to internationalisation and the mobile revolution which is occurring here and now, Polish business, which has not been experiencing much cyber hazard so far, is exposed to hacker attacks now. According to experts, the number of areas that cybercriminals might potentially use as break-in points, keeps growing. This is why there is a shift in responsibility for cybersecurity – organisations’ strategic problem – from IT forces to the top management. We shall be discussing not only protection measures, but also the need to develop such business culture that will enable us to counteract potential attacks.

Moderator:Robert Fintak – CEO, Terra Hexen Sp. z o. o.

Speakers: Adam Haertle - Chief Editor,, R&D advisor, IMMUSEC, risk analyst, White Cat Security
major Michał Siek - Head of the Training Planning Section at the Military Medical Academy of Lodz, PhD student at the Cybernetics Faculty of the Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw, lecturer at the Social Sciences Academy in Lodz
Jakub Syta - Director of Security Services and SOC, EXATEL S.A.
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description The problems of dual education in the European dimension will be discussed on the example of best domestic and international practices. Speakers form Baden-Württemberg will present dual education solutions that have been implemented in Germany, not only in the sector of secondary schools, but in the higher education as well (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, which offers online program mes too). Leading employers of the Lodzkie Region will talk about the benefits of dual education systems to their companies, as well as to vocational schools students.

Moderator: Sławomir Fater - Director, The Lodzkie Region Centre for Vocational Education and Life-Long Learning of Modern Technologies in Lodz

Special Guest: prof. dr Darius O. Schindler - Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University
Uwe Peleikis – Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Baden-Württemberg

Speakers: Lidia Kowalska – SKB Drive Tech S.A., Radomsk
Maria Montowska – Director, Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Poland)
Dariusz Pytlewski - Dyrektor, Häring Poland, Piotrków Trybunalski
Bożena Ziemniewicz - President and General Director BRITISH CENTRE, expert of the Polish Accreditation Commission for employers
Subject-Matter Partner
Panel description: We are going to talk about export expansion of companies from Lodz onto foreign markets – the risks to be dealt with and the challenges to be faced. How to succeed abroad? How to prepare? What are the major problems encountered by companies at the beginning of their international expansion? Where to look for help and how to cope with all the adversities? All these problems will be discussed by those who managed to overcome all barriers and became EXPORTERS.

Moderator: Przemysław Andrzejak – President of the Management Board, Lodz Agency of Regional Development

Prelegenci: Noemi Chudzik, LL.M. – Co-owner, Chudzik & Partners Law Firm
prof. dr hab. Adam Mariański – Tax advisor, lawyer, Managing Partner at Mariański Group Law and Tax Firm, President of the Polish Family Business Association
Ignacy Petecki – CEO, PPHU Petecki
Jacek Pękala – Proxy, Fortech Sp. z o.o.
Marek Sobieraj – CEO, Lumileds Poland S.A.
dr inż. Józef Szmich – CEO, Delia Cosmetics Sp. z o.o.
Sylwester Szymalak – CEO, Zakłady Chemiczne Organika S.A., Organika Capital Group
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: - The role of public audit bodies under the democratic rule of law
- The collaboration between public audit and inspection bodies
- Key findings from audits of local governments and public institutions in 2016
- Examples of good practices from local governments and public institutions based on audit findings
- The role of public audit bodies in the legislation effort – de lege ferenda proposals and implementation Moderator: Krzysztof Kwiatkowski – President of the Supreme Audit Office

Speakers: Bogusław Pilc – Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data
Dariusz Mińkowski – Deputy Chief Labor Inspector, National Labor Inspectorate
Janusz Wojciechowski - Member of the European Court of Auditors
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description “If you want to get rich, build a road first” – a Chinese proverb says. Since 2014, the New Silk Road initiative has been a Chinese policy tool. The Road is expected to alter the regional and global configuration of power. The conflict between China and USA is growing stronger. How should Polish elites look after the interests of our country? Lodz is, beside Warsaw, Poland’s most recognizable city in China. Lodz was the first destination for regular container trains from China. Lodz is en route of the New Silk Road. How do decision makers intend to benefit from this situation? All those wishing to get on the China-Poland train before it leaves the Lodz station, are welcome to attend the panel.

Moderator: Rafał Górski - President of the Board, Institute for Civic Affairs

Special Guest: dr Jacek Bartosiak - Director of Wargaming Studies and Simulations at Pulaski Foundation; Senior Fellow at Potomac Foundation, Washington DC

Speakers: dr Michał Lubina - Lecturer, Institute of the Middle and Far East of the Jagiellonian University
dr hab. Dominik Mierzejewski - University of Lodz, Department of East Asia at the Faculty of International and Political Studies
Jarosław Żak
- Member of the Board, Hatrans Sp. z o.o.
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: - HOW – how is innovation created in companies – does this require any special resources, procedures and tools, or is this a day-to-day practice rather?
- IS IT WORTH IT – are there any benefits of being innovative in the Polish business environment?
- HOW TO FINANCE – how are innovations financed, what does the budget depend on, do companies raise external funding for innovation and how?
- IN WHAT FORM – what form does innovation take in Polish companies; do we organise typical laboratories or do we develop employee innovation or perhaps we work in an open innovation model with research institutions or start-ups?

Moderator: Beata Cichocka-Tylman - Director, Innovation and B+R, PwC Poland Sp. z o.o.

Speakers: Piotr Baczyński – CEO, MDH Sp. z o.o.
Marek Cieślak – President of the Board, "Bionanopark" Sp. z o.o.
Paweł Jaroszek - Member of the Board, Social Insurance Institution
Zuzanna Mikołajczyk – Director of Marketing and Trade, Member of the Board, Mikomax Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
16.00 – 17.30 BALROOM

with Special Guest

Welcome Speech:
Witold Stępień – Marshal of the Lodzkie Region

EXPO 2022 Exhibition - a strong impulse for the economic development of Lodz and Lodzkie Region
Hanna Zdanowska – Mayor of the City Lodz

Günter Verheugen's Speech:

Michał Kobosko – Head of the Polish office of Atlantic Council

dr Henryka Bochniarz – President of Lewiatan Conferedation
Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz – Prime Minister of Poland (1996 – 1997)
Cezary Kocik - Vice President of the Board, mBank S.A
Witold Stępień – Marshal of the Lodzkie Region
Günter Verheugen - European Commissioner for Enlargement (1999 – 2004), European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry (2004 – 2010)

Strategic Partner

Subject-Matter Partner:

18.00 – 19.30 PANEL SESSIONS
Subject-Matter Partners Panel description: According to the report prepared by the Lodz Agency of Regional Development and PwC Poland, with the local government’s business-as-partner approach, development strategies can be better planned, funds allocated to support business can be spent in a more efficient manner, investors can be attracted more effectively and key administrative and infrastructural barriers can be identified more precisely. All threads will be linked by the question, how to develop a comprehensive approach. The main emphasis will be on the potential directions of development and actions that might be taken and developed by local governments of the Lodzkie Region. Following the presentation of the main theses of the report, a panel discussion will be held by representatives of local governments and institutions.

Moderator: Dionizy Smoleń – Director, Public Sector Team Manager, PwC Poland Sp. z o.o.

Speakers: Radosław Agaciak - Mayor of Brójce
Przemysław Andrzejak – President of the Management Board at Lodz Agency of Regional Development
Piotr Ciechowicz – Vice President of the Board, Pomerania Development Agency S.A.
Artur Habza – Director, Department of Economy and International Cooperation, Marshal's Office of Lubelskie Voivodeship
Jerzy Pietrucha - President of the Board, Pietrucha Group
dr hab. Krzysztof Zamasz – Member of the Board, Metropolia Silesia
Witold Stępień – Marshal of the Lodzkie Region
Subject-Matter Partner
Panel description: During the “Work-Life Balance – the future of modern business” panel, we are going to talk about prioritisation between career and private life, about corporate responsibility and employees’ interests, as well as about the modern corporate approach to the work-life balance concept. What if Work Life Balance in practice and how does it refer to Work Life Blending? Is it merely a corporate fashion, or an element of modern business management rather? These and other questions will be answered by business practitioners from BPO, SSC, R&D, Consulting.

Moderator: Michał Bielawski – Vice President of the Board, Adaptive Solutions & Advisory Group

Speakers: Krystian Bestry – President & CEO, Adaptive Solutions & Advisory Group
Żaneta Leduchowska – Head of EMEIA Finance Services Fujitsu
Andrea Marciandi - Whirlpool EMEA Shared Service Director
Krzysztof Misiak – Partner and Head of Regional Cities, Cushmann & Wakefield
Sebastian Osuch - Business Services Senior Manager, Nowy Styl Group
Artur Skiba - CEO, Antal
Karina Trafna – President of the Board, KiDS&Co.
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: Asian and African economies are dynamically growing and becoming attractive as export markets for Polish companies. Yet, our imports from these regions are much higher than exports for the time being. How to turn this trend around? What products are customers looking for there? What barriers hinder expansion to Asia and Africa and how to overcome them? Can Lodz play any significant role in this undertaking? These topics will be discussed by economy, foreign trade, politics, law and logistics experts. Practitioners who have succeeded in the markets of Asia and Africa will share their experience too. The focus of the discussion will be on the following topic areas: • Are the disproportions in the volume of foreign trade between Europe and Asia and Africa a political or an economic issue?
• What goods have the greatest potential to conquer the markets of Asia and Africa, considering customer preferences, but also – transport constraints?
• What legal challenges do European companies need to face in order to break into the markets of Asia and Europe?
• How to succeed in the markets of Asia and Africa – best examples,
• How could Lodz become an important logistic hub for freight transport from Europe to Asia and Africa?

Moderator: Artur Malarski - Branch Director Lodz, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A.
Łukasz Michałowski - Business Development Manager, Raben Logistics Poland Sp. z o. o.

Speakers:Dariusz Joński - Deputy to the Seventh Term Sejm (2011-2015); Vice President, Voivodship Labour Office in Lodz
Michał Kijewski - Legal Counsel, founder and co-owner of Kijewski, Graś Firm Law
Amit Lath - Vice President of the Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry
prof. dr hab. Adam Mariański - Tax advisor, lawyer, Managing Partner at Mariański Group Law and Tax Firm, President of the Polish Family Business Association
Emmanuel D. Pineda - Chairman and Administrator Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan
Paweł Suchorzebski - CEO, Prologus Sp. o.o.
Andrzej Zarzycki - Representative for Poland, Velji Dosabhai & Sons
Subject-Matter Partners
Panel description: No real collaboration between educational institutions and the social and economic environment is a growing problem in Poland, despite activities that have been undertaken from both sides in the recent years. Employers have been complaining about the continuing shortage of educated specialists and labour force, but Poland’s labour market is considered to be the employee’s market. At the same time, schools and universities, as well as business, are not really sure how to initiate and maintain mutual relations. If education and business do not manage to keep up with social and economic changes, this may result in the labour market breakdown and the first symptoms of this situation can be observed even today. During the panel discussion, we shall attempt to analyse the condition of higher education in Poland, the needs and the realistic opportunities for collaboration with business, as well as to answer the still topical question about the possible synergy between modern education and the increasingly demanding economy. Can creative destruction of the education system be the only chance for the Polish business under such circumstances and if so – how should it look like?

Moderator:dr Grzegorz Mnich - Head of the Department of Journalism and Social Communication, University of Social Sciences

Speakers:Piotr Jankowski - Managing Director, Lodz Global Delivery Center of Fujitsu Technology Solutions
prof. UW dr hab. Jacek Męcina - Advisor to the Board of Polish Confederation Lewiatan
dr Łukasz Prysiński - Lecturer, Clark University; Deputy Dean, University of Social Sciences in Lodz
prof. dr hab. Łukasz Sułkowski - Professor of economic sciences, University of Social Sciences in Lodz
Subject-Matter Partner
Panel description: - Company audit – what can be expected?
- General regulatory aspects of audits and inspections in companies
- How to handle an audit?
- The Supreme Audit Authority (NIK) as the leading public audit body – the scope of competence and authority
- The role of public audit institutions in the government policy Moderator: Krzysztof Kwiatkowski – President of the Supreme Audit Office

Speakers: Bogusław Pilc – Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data
Paweł Jaroszek – Member of the Board, Social Insurance Institution
Dariusz Mińkowski – Deputy Chief Labor Inspector, National Labor Inspectorate
dr Marlena Sakowska – Baryła - Partner at Sakowska-Baryła, Czaplińska Law Firm Sp.p., Editor in Chief "ABI Expert"
Tomasz Szymański - Tax Advisor, Mariański Group Law and Tax Firm
Janusz Wojciechowski - Member of the European Court of Auditors
Subject-Matter Partners Panel description: Business people have been complaining for years, that governments, when making law, insufficiently refer to employers’ intellectual potential and experience, especially regarding any business-related legislation. Organisations of employers, based on their statutory rights, participate in the work of parliamentary commissions and give their opinions about draft acts and regulations. In this process, they have an opportunity to observe, how little business experience many of the parliament members have, similarly as the authors drafting legal acts in ministries. In effect, many recommendations and suggestions made by employers' organisations are rejected, often without any sound explanation. As a result, the Parliament adopts laws that, even if intended to facilitate running business operations, often make it more difficult, are incomprehensible and unclear, require interpretation. And whenever an entrepreneur and an inspection authority differ in their interpretation of a regulation, the effect is obvious. During the panel, we want to prove that more trust in employers’ competence and experience may result in better laws, to the advantage of business people and the State Budget.

Moderator: Krzysztof T. Borkowski - President of Provincial Council of Social Dialogue, Vice President of Business Centre Club, Chancellor of Lodz Lodge BCC

Special Guest: Mariusz Haładyj - Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Development

Speakers: Sławomir Karasiński - Legal Counsel, Partner of Fortak & Karasiński Firm Law
Wojciech Konecki - General Director, Member of the Board, CECED Poland, Association of Employers AGD
Andrzej Lewandowski - Member of the Board, JTI Poland Sp. z o.o., Corporate and Communications Director
dr Wojciech Warski - Vice President, Social Dialogue Council; President, Business Centre Club
Subject-Matter Partners Panel description: The 5G technology is the next stage in development of telecommunications. If used adequately, it may significantly add to the comfort of our life. And there is no doubt that it will improve the operation and administration of the city. 5G will facilitate wireless control of complexes of buildings. It certainly offers a chance to accelerate development, to improve organisation and to upgrade the quality of life in Lodz. During the panel, we shall discuss the aspects of city operation, where the 5G technology can be used. Its impact on the residents’ quality of life, as well as on the management of such a large city will be addressed too. All those interested in development of new technologies, including in particular telecommunication technologies and their innovative applications, are invited to attend.

Moderator: Michał Hertel – Marketing Director, Makolab
Speakers: Prof. dr hab. inż. Sławomir Wiak – Rector, Lodz University of Technology
Robert Kobylański – Deputy CEO, Asseco Data Systems
Szymon Uczciwek – Consulting Center Director, Comarch
Maciej Mroczek – Head of Product Development Traffic Control in 4G&5G, Ericsson
Robert Kolczyński – Director of Project Management Department of the Lodz City Hall
Mariusz Gruszczyński - Head of Radiocommunication Division, Department of Frequency Resource Management, Office of Electronic Communications
19.30 – 20.00 NETWORKING
20.00 – 21.30 „STRONG IN BUSINESS” Award Ceremony / BALROOM (interpretation)

Dorota Wellman & Marcin Prokop

fashion show of The factory of tights ADRIAN, prepared by IGO-ART Agency
award ceremony „Strong in Business 2017”
evening star recital - Edyta Górniak

Gala's Partners

21.30 – 2.00 EVENING NETWORKING / SATIN conference room

After the Award Ceremony feel invited for the Evening Networking!
Relaxed atmosphere, delicious cuisine, good music. This evening you have to be here!


DAY II - 17 October (Tuesday)

9.00 – 10.00 NETWORKING
10.00 – 11.30 PANEL SESSIONS
Subject-Matter Partners Panel description: If this is true that one computerised company generates 167 times more data within 60 minutes than the entire volume of information stored in the US Congress Library contains and that the capitalization of world’s three largest corporations with similar revenue levels is 30 times higher with a ten times lower employment, then questions about new manager competences arise in a natural manner. The American market has been setting the tone and indicating directions for the development of knowledge and skills in the field of business management since the early 20th century. Namely this was where the MBA programme originated, to become a standard reflecting the level of professional qualifications in business today. Considering the above, the discussion will be aimed at indicating the competences required for business leaders in the age of digital revolution.

Moderator: Michał Frąk – Journalist, Gazeta Wyborcza

Speakers: Angelika Chimkowska - Manager, mentor, speaker
prof. nadzw. dr hab. Tomasz Czapla – Dean of the Management District at the University of Lodz
prof. nadzw. dr hab. Robert Kozielski – Director, Polish-American Management Centre, Faculty of Management, University of Lodz
Waldemar Olbryk – Director, Echo-Investment
prof. dr hab. Witold Orłowski - Chief Economic Adviser for PwC Poland Sp. z o.o.
Paulina Rutkowska – HR Director, mBank Group
dr Henryk Siodmok – President of the Board, Atlas

Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: Today, in the strongly competitive business and production environment, companies need to cope with big quantities of data, flexibility of production and logistic processes or optimization of internal processes. Everyone may benefit from being open to innovations and implementing Industry 4.0 process automation solutions that reduce process duration and provide innovative tools for improving the human-machine interaction in every area of company operation. As a result, companies may be by 30% faster in the future and increase their productivity by 25% at least (Boston Consulting Group, Przemysł 4.0 PL). Opportunities and benefits, as well as barriers to implementation of Industry 4.0 innovations will be discussed during the Lodz Special Economic Zone panel by:

Moderator:Agnieszka Sygitowicz - Deputy CEO, Lodz Special Economic Zone S.A.

Speakers: Piotr Kowalski - CEO, Wielton Investment / Strategy & Development Director, Wielton S.A.
Marek Michalik - CEO, Lodz Special Economic Zone S.A.
Jan Staniłko - Deputy Director, Department of Innovations, Ministry of Deveopment
Marcin Sugak - Head of Industry and Society Poland, Ericsson
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: What are the Polish economy development scenarios in the current macroeconomic context of Europe and Brexit? Which of the key factors are determining the development of the Polish exports and the rate of economic growth? What macroeconomic determinants affects the development of local government units? These questions will be discussed by economy experts, export and regional development leaders, with Prof. Grzegorz Kołodko as the special guest. Moderator: Przemysław Andrzejak – President of the Management Board, Lodz Agency of Regional Development

Special Guest: prof. Grzegorz W. Kołodko - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in 1994–1997, 2002–2003

Speakers: Jan Kolański – CEO, Colian Holding S.A.
Ignacy Petecki - CEO, PPHU Petecki
Paweł Poncyliusz - Member of the Sejm IVth, Vth, VIth term, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Economy (2006-2007), chairman of the "Poland Comes First" parliamentary club (2011)
Marek Zuber - Polish economist, financial market analyst, expert and financial advisor
Subject-Matter Partners JP Partners Firm Law – Business/Arbitration Panel description: Over the recent years, arbitration has become the most effective way of settling disputes in international business relations. Despite its growing popularity, many entrepreneurs are still looking at it with distrust, raising numerous objections concerning the main principles of this type of proceedings. The purpose of the panel is to discuss these concerns and to show, why arbitration is a more effective, faster and cheaper alternative to common courts of justice, when settling business conflicts. Moderator: prof. dr hab. Maria Królikowska Olczak – President, Arbitration Court of Central Poland at Lodz Chamber of Industry and. Commerce, Head of the Chair of European Economic Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz

Special Guest: Laurence Burger – Partner, Landolt & Koch

Speakers: prof. dr hab. Sławomir Cieślak - Vice President, Arbitration Court of Central Poland at Lodz Chamber of Industry and. Commerce, Vice-Rector for Education of the University of Lodz
Michał Haze - President of the Board, Lodz Chamber of Commerce and Industry, owner of Mikomax Smart Office
Jarosław Pączek – Lawyer, JP Partners Law Firm Business/Arbitration 
Subject-Matter Partner Partner Panel description: The workshop is targeted toward guests from the partner regions in Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia and Moldova, as well as recipients from the Lodzkie Region. The language of the event is Russian. The workshop will begin with the self-introduction of participants and presentation of one (most important, most topical) problem that arises at the moment when a decision is made to undertake a joint project with a public or non-public partner. As the second element of the event, participants will prepare a case study (e.g. an exhibition, a concert, a b2b meeting, a voluntary work project). Participants of the European Economic Forum are welcome to contact us at and
Subject-Matter Partner
Panel description: During the first part of the meeting we shall be seeking to diagnose the situation. Each of the cities will present figures, i.e.: the area of land under developments now, the number of investors in the market and those they are negotiating with. Furthermore, we shall be talking about challenges, hoping for the participants to voice their experience. As the next step, effective solutions will be presented by all Panellists.

Moderator: Maciej Kowalczyk – President of the Board, OLP Sp. z o.o.

Speakers: Marek Cieślak – President of the Board, "Bionanopark" Sp. z o.o.
Andrzej Jankowski - Mayor of Stryków
Maciej Kokotek - Managing Director, Lodz House of Business
Piotr Panfil - Director of Operations, Rembor General Sp. z o.o.
Jadwiga Sobańska - Mayor of Złoczew
Subject-Matter Partner


Panel description: Export is a natural form of business growth. It affects all kea areas of operation, such as: sales, HR, B+R, investments, marketing and IT.How should one build and develop exports? How to benefit from EU funds when developing exports? What is the role of B+R and investments in exports? How to manage a global company using IT tools – the 4.0 Industry concept. Moderator: Adam Binkiewicz – Member of the Board, ROEX sp. z o.o.

Special Guest: Urszula Czechowicz - Górna – CEO, UST-M Sp. z o.o.
Maciej Balcerak – CEO, Kuchinox sp. z o.o.

Speakers: Małgorzata Ławniczek-Blażlak – Project Manager, ROEX sp. z o.o.
Krzysztof Koźmiński – Project Manager, ROEX sp. z o.o.
dr Norbert Krygier – Member of the Board, CTO, INTELO sp. z o.o.
Subject-Matter Partners Panel description: In the forthcoming years, Lodz has a chance to become China’s gate to Europe. Closer business relations have become easier owing to the first regular rail freight connection between Lodz and Chengdu. This Chinese city is now home to the Regional Office of the Lodzkie Region and the City of Lodz, as well as a showroom, where products imported from Poland are on display. Successful academic co-operation between Poland and China has become a fact too. In the other hand, Hong Kong is competing with London to be the financial centre of the Chinese New Silk Road project. What can be done to boost the role of Poland and Lodz in this project? What is the importance of Hongkong in economic relations with China? We shall seek to answer these questions during the panel discussion: „THE ROLE OF POLAND IN THE ONE PIECE AND THE ROAD PROJECT. THE IMPORTANCE OF HONGKONG AS THE ECONOMIC GATE TO CHINA”, organised by the International Relations Centre and THINKTANK. Moderator: dr Małgorzata Bonikowska - President, THINKTANK and Centre for International Relations

Speakers: amb. Tadeusz Chomicki - Former Polish Ambassador to South Korea, China and Mongolia, awarded with the Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2015)
Grzegorz Marciniak - Co-owner, VMIX Limited
Witold Stępień - Marshal of the Lodzkie Region
12.00 – 13.30 PANEL SESSIONS
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: New technologies change our behaviour and communication patterns and lifestyles. Some business sectors are disappearing, some traditional competition models sink into oblivion. Does this situation create more threats or opportunities? Does this mean that companies from less developed countries are not able to compete in the strongest markets, such as America, any longer – or just the contrary, perhaps? Moderator: Jacek Grudzień – Journalist

Speakers: Marcin Barański – CEO, VOX Detal S.A.
Dorota Dąbrowski - Managing Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (AmCham)
Sławomir Lachowski – Founder, mBanku
dr Jacek Mrozik – Dean of the College of Business, Minot State University, USA
Gedeon Werner - CEO, Aquarius Management
Subject-Matter Partner Partner Panel description: The panel will address the subject of company and product promotion through sports. When promoting our company, we are building a long-lasting product – a cyclical sports event or a football club for example. Sports as a platform, a tool for presentation of the company long-term strategy. Sports and Business – showing common goals and ideas, but also – threats and risks.

Moderator:Artur Partyka – Former Polish high jumper and two-time Olympic medalist, sports promoter for children and adolescents

Special Guests: Czesław Lang – Director of Tour de Pologne, General Director, Lang Team
Wojciech Strzałkowski - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Jagiellonia Bialystok SA, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Zakłady Przemysłu Sklejek BIAFORM, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Branicki Hotel in Bialystok, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia in Poland

Speakers: Jan Kolański – President of the Board, Colian Holding S.A
Cezary Kulesza – President of the Board, Jagiellonii Białystok S.A., member of Supervisory Board, Ekstraklasa S.A., Vice President of Polish Football Association
Małgorzata Niemczyk - Polish volleyball player, Polish representative, European Champion of 2003, Member of the Sejm VII and VIII term.
Tomasz Półgrabski – Member of the Supervisory Board of City Arena of Culture and Sport Sp. z o.o., Secretary of State at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism (2012-2014), President of the Board of PL.2012 + (2014-2016)
Tomasz Salski – President of the Board, ŁKS Łódź, Vice President of Lodz Football Association, Vice President of Second Football League Association, member of the committee at Polish Football Association
Tadeusz Żórawski - Managing Director of PHD Media Direction Poland
Subject-Matter Partner
Partnerzy Panelu
Panel description: In the panel discussion organised by the Association of Polish Family Businesses based in Lodz, representatives of the Family Business Institute, the Supreme Audit Authority (NIK) and Mariański Group, together with the business world representatives, will be discussing barriers to development of Polish family businesses. The participation of businesspersons is extremely valuable here, considering the new survey project to be officially announced by NIK namely during the panel. The discussion will be an opportunity for collecting opinions of the group of experienced entrepreneurs that will be of relevance to legislation initiatives intended to eliminate development barriers. If you are a Polish business owner – be sure to attend our panel! Moderator: prof. dr hab. Adam Mariański – President of the Polish Family Business Association

Speakers: Adam Lesław Godawski - Co-founder and CEO of OMEGA family company Pilzno Godawski & Godawski Sp. z o. o.
Krzysztof Kwiatkowski – President of the Supreme Audit Office
Robert Krzak - Member of the Supervisory Board, Piotr i Paweł S.A
dr Adrianna Lewandowska
- President, Family Business Institute, advisor and managing partner of Lewandowska and Partners
Małgorzata Nesterowicz - Director, Family Business Bank Program, Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
mec. Dorota Tarnowska - Legal Counsel, tax advisor; Partner of Tax and Legal Advisory Department, Mariański Group Law and Tax Firm
Alicja Wojciechowska - Co-owner of Alles Company Sp. z o.o.
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: The “Wiosło Biznesu” statues will be awarded to the companies that have made the biggest progress towards internationalisation. Barriers, best practices and support expectations will be discussed. Moderator: Piotr Wesołowski, Michał Frąk – Gazeta Wyborcza

Speakers: Andrzej Pawelec - President of the Supervisory Board, Plus H2O
Jerzy Pietrucha - President of the Board, Pietrucha Group
Fabio Pommella - Director of Industrial Zone, Whirlpool Group
Nina Ryszka - President of the Board, Ptak Holding
Radosław Wiśniewski - Owner, Redan S.A.
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: The District Chamber of Civil Engineers in Lodz will present the current position of Polish civil engineers in Poland and abroad – how representatives of this profession are perceived and how they cope with the increased competition and problems on the labour market. The panellists will discuss the role of Polish engineers in the development project process and will talk about ethics and responsibilities of civil engineers as people in the public trust profession. Moderator: Barbara Malec – Chairman of the Council of the District Chamber of Civil Engineers in Lodz

Speakers: prof. Irena Lipowicz – Head of Chair of Administrative Law and Local Government, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw
prof. dr hab. inż. Zygmunt Meyer – Head of the Department of Mechanics and Fundamentals of Machine Design at West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin; Vice President of European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC); President of West Pomeranian District Chamber of Civil Engineers
dr inż. Jacek Szer - Chancellor, Lodz University of Technology
Subject-Matter Partner Panel description: The design thinking methodology is a tool for creating solutions that address the needs and expectations of service and product end users. Design thinking is a process with people – users, customers, employees, residents as the starting point and innovative, customised solutions as the ending point. The essence of the process is to develop deep empathy and understanding towards those we design for, to generate ideas, create simple solutions and test them in practice, with real users. The design thinking methodology combines analytical competence with intuition and concentrates on recipients, thereby resulting in ideas of dedicated, useful solutions in all spheres – for self-governments, for business and for the society. Moderator:Maciej Łaski - Director, Department o Promotion and International Cooperation Marshal's Office of Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region

Speakers:Hubert Anyżewski - Deloitte Digital CE
dr Marcin Chłodnicki - Service Design Poland, service designer and lecturer, Collegium Da Vinci
Ewa Gołębiowska - Co-founder and Director, Cieszyn Castle
Agnieszka Mróz - Logisfera Nowa
Subject-Matter Partner

Panel description: Today, we are on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolutions, where new technologies will be actively breaking into business and industry, thereby contributing to development of new sectors and consequently – new jobs. Yet, companies have already been signalling their problems with vacancies in the area of IT and with the shortage of competent, skilled labour force. According to forecasts, this gap will be deepening, considering the demographic situation and the ageing society, if the education system is not adequately adjusted to the new expectations of the market. The education system needs to be modified not only in terms of the fields of study, but also in terms of their profiles, to make them more interdisciplinary than they are today.

Moderator:Dariusz Lis - InnoMentors

Speakers:Marek Cieślak - President of the Board, "Bionanopark" Sp. z o.o.
Barbara Nowacka - Chancellor, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
dr Andrzej Szczepek - Rector of University of Computer Sciences and Skills in Lodz
Marek Wójcik - Managing Director, Widex Poland
Subject-Matter Partner


Panel description: The report titled “Companies investment plans 2017” is an extensive research project, initiated to describe the business reality of companies’ operation. The survey shows market sentiment and the investment directions being chosen by decision makers, thereby presenting a market outlook from the business perspective. Furthermore, the report enables one to identify the main trends in the Polish companies’ economic development, as well as corporate investment plans, which is extremely important for an analysis of the economic condition of the state. We hope you find the report interesting!

Moderator:Adam Pustelnik - Director of Investor Service and International Cooperation Bureau, City of Łódź Office

Speakers: Michał Bielawski – Group CFO at Adaptive Solutions & Advisory Group
dr hab. Tomasz Cieślak - Vice Rector of the University of Lodz
Karolina Korzeniewska - Account Executive Europe, ANTAL
Piotr Pikiewicz - Senior Consultant CBRE Research&Consultancy
Artur Skiba - President of the Board, CEO, ANTAL
Anna Trębicka - Associate Director, CBRE
13.30 – 14.00 NETWORKING
14.00 – 16.00 BALROOM/ interpretation

Robert Stanilewicz – Economic journalist

Special Guest:
Witold Stępień – Marshal of the Lodzkie Region

Speakers - Graduates of the University of Lodz – "forge" leaders in finance and banking
Tomasz Bogus – CEO, BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A.
Cezary Kocik – Vice President of the Management Board, mBank S.A.
prof. Monika Marcinkowska – Director of Financial Institute, University of Lodz, member of European Banking Authority Banking Stakeholder Group
prof. Witold Orłowski – Chief Economic Adviser for PwC Poland Sp. z o.o.
Arkadiusz Przybył – Member of the Board, BZ WBK S.A.
Karol Mazurek - Director of Management & Technology Consulting, Accenture

Subject-Matter Partner